May 2017 - Argonomo welcome our new client – Gaddis Gaming!

The Gaddis Gaming Table Topper offers a great new way to contain your game. It allows you to scale your tabletop game to the full arena format that you want to play in. Perfect for skirmish gaming and suitable for all board games, this progressive Table Topper is also ideal for RPGs and even miniatures. One of the great features of the Gaddis Gaming Table Topper is its card vaults, which allow you to quickly reference and keep your playing cards organized.

“Given the level of talent and skill that we see at Argonomo, we feel confident that they’ll be able to give us what we need to make our product launch successful. It’s important to us to work with people hand-in-hand, and being a local firm makes it even easier.” – Lee Gaddies, CEO

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