The Irresistibility Law

In continuing our quest to discover the fundamentals of the Leadership Laws of Attraction, we will now look at what I call the “Irresistibility” Law. Great leaders have a knack, a talent, an ability to make what they stand for or take on not just interesting or somewhat enrolling, but simply irresistible. Almost as if you are looking at a picture on the menu and even before you take the first bite, you already taste the food.

I do not mean sugar coating it or making it look good or better than it really is, or trying to make it what it is not, or even dressing it up in order to cover its flaws. (I’m sure you’ve probably experienced this before…) I mean it like a master that works on his/her masterpiece as an expression of themselves and the future or vision that they see. It is so vivid and alive that you can be in the presence of it and see it yourself, be moved and inspired, and can’t wait to get in action, Now.

A great leader knows that people are different and their job is to find a way to make the vision or future applicable to as many as they can. They know that they will not be able to enroll everyone all the time (100%, that is), but they can create a critical mass of people that are willing to share that future. To say it another way, making something “irresistible” is removing all of the obstacles, stops, or possible setbacks –all of what predictably would create the resistance that is inherent in taking on something that is discontinuous with the past –so it naturally become irresistible.

As to say, irresistible = with no resistance. Given that you as a leader are always spending your time enrolling someone into something, the question is, how do you make it simply irresistible? (How do you remove all the resistance?)

Here are some of the ingredients of the Irresistibility Law:

  • Visibility – The future needs to exist someplace other than with just you alone. Great leaders make it a part of the landscape of life, an integral part of people’s daily routines and activities, so that people do not have to work hard to be in the presence of it. It just is, as a permanent part of the background of life. It is irrelevant if you can see it. What matters is, can they?
  • Connection – Your future or vision needs to connect with people on all levels, if you want to have a long reach across diversities and cultures. People process information differently –some auditorily, some visually, some digitally and some kinesthetically. Your message needs to include them all, if you want it to make an impact. Human beings have more than one sense. (They have five –some even six!)
  • Emotion – You do not know, or have any way of knowing, who will respond to what. Using the entire spectrum of human emotions will ensure a wide reach. When designing your communication, taking human emotions into account will make your message more powerful. People have different stimulus responses – so do you!
  • Ownership – When using inspiration as a tool, the future is always only in your court. You always find yourself taking the same ride, over and over again –like being on a roller coaster that never stops. If you are off, they are off; if you are on, they are on. But, when they find aspiration, they become an owners or an authors themselves of the future or vision. They see what is in it for them –which is what happens when your message really connects. Aspiration is more powerful than Inspiration!
  • Details – It is not only the “big picture” that counts. The details is what makes it real. You may be living in the future, but most people are living in the present (and some even in the past). “The details” is what most people are interested in: the what, how, where and when. Do not spare any details. Give it all to them without holding anything back. Any glorious plan’s success or failure is in details. Remember, God (or the Devil…) is in the details!
  • Existence – Conversations tend to disappear. They have no permanence, and they live in the domain of temporality. If they have no existence outside of human memory, in a particular place in time, they disappear faster than the wind –and so does your future. People’s memory is bad place to store your future!

Great leaders relate to the future or the vision they have created the same way that the relate to their home. You are in a sense inviting people into your home. What do you want them to see or experience?

You want them to feel welcome, at ease and relaxed. You go above and beyond to have their experience count. You save no effort or attention to details –what kind of food to serve, the wine selection, the lighting, the music, the smell –no detail is too small.

What’s for dinner?