The “Responsibility” Law

One of the more difficult Laws of Attraction for people to grasp is the “Responsibility” Law, because people view responsibility as being “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”. Responsibility is always viewed as punitive in nature. It is in our culture. Each time the question “Who is responsible for…?” is asked, human beings are looking for where to point the finger (NEVER at themselves, of course). It is an automatic reaction. We’ve probably had it since we were 5 or 6 years old. (It is quite interesting to consider that with regards to some conversations, human beings are still 5-year old’s trapped in an adult body [or mind]).

Authentic leadership does not and will not exist without leaders immersing themselves in and setting themselves up as being completely responsible. For what, you ask? For anything and everything. Why, you ask? Simply because they said so. It is a declaration that they are at cause in the matter – of their life, their future, their accomplishments and their results, as if there is no one else in the universe.

Let’s define Responsibility from a different angle: Response–Ability. To have the ability to respond to the situation from the point of view that you are directly or indirectly at cause in the matter. Responsibility held this way has no limitations or boundaries. You can’t include one thing and exclude another; it just does not work this way. What makes it so attractive is that it starts with the declaration that you are the cause, and then there are the circumstances. Not because it is your “fault”, but rather because you are saying so. Inside this point of view there is so much freedom and peace. There is no blame, no shame, no fault. There’s just your commitment and your ability to respond, with power and clarity.

What does leadership responsibility look like?

  • Ownership – When you declare your responsibility in any matter, you are now the owner of it. Not because you need, should, or must, but just because you stand for it. Simply because you do. Responsibility is the source of freedom and peace.
  • The absence of judgment – There is no resentment or anger or even upset. Just freedom and clarity of mind, looking at the world exactly the way that it is and the way that it is not. You are Able to Respond only when you relate to the world exactly as it is without adding anything or taking anything away. Judgment is the root of all evil.
  • Action – As always, people watch what you do, not what you say. You are being responsible (at cause) in action provides people the freedom to be responsible themselves –even if you say nothing about it. Monkey see, monkey do.
  • Resourcefulness – It lets you operate in “causality mode”, calculated and present, not just in a “reaction mode” of aimless and busy-ness activities. You are no longer just a selfish being complaining that the world is not devoting itself to make you happy. Responsibility creates an abundance of resources.
  • Maturity – It lets you grow up. Responsibility is your initiation to maturity and adulthood. You are no longer an object of physics; you are part of creating your own reality –your own universe. It puts the leader in a position of cause and effect: you are being the cause, not the effect. Responsibility is the house of maturity.
  • Sanity – It allows you to cross over from a world of Insanity to a world that is Sane and clear. You ask the questions, “What can I do about it? How can I make a difference?” And not, “Why is it the way that it is?” Responsibility is not doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

As I was working on this piece, I wondered if I (or you) ask myself every day, “Would I like to take on the responsibility of sending my kids to school, or feeding them dinner, or making sure they are healthy, or making sure they have a roof over their heads?” No, I don’t. I just am responsible, end of story. Why are you, you ask? Because I said so. And I do it with freedom and ease, with fulfillment and joy.

You can’t have the ability to respond to anything powerfully, nor will your response make any difference, unless you take on that you are cause (as if you are the one that actually caused it). Not because it’s factually true, but simply because you said you were. Being responsible starts by simply saying so, by declaring it, and speaking it to the universe. “I am responsible for …!”, because I have the power to say that I am. Am I, or are you, responsible for global warming? For the economy? For the war in Iraq? For the education system? Or even for the crime rate? We can be. It is simple. We just need to say so –not because we are at fault, but being at cause.

Responsibility is a very personal thing. It is a declaration you make by yourself, for yourself.

It gives you power. It is a “come from” that shapes your life, your actions and your commitments, forever and ever. As opposed to accountability, which lives in choice, responsibility is expected of us every day whether we choose it or not. Traffic laws, tax laws, the Constitution of the United States, etc… You are held Able to Respond to it. Now, you can be a victim of it and keep resisting it, or you can take the point of view that you are at cause. Why? Because you say so. It might even free you up.

At every moment, you face two roads. One is the road to hell: full of resentments, regrets, upset and suffering. The other road is to heaven: full of accomplishments, successes (some failures from time to time, but what does it matter in the end…) and results.

It’s your choice. Either way, we are all going to end our journey in the same place. (Six feet under –in case you are wondering.)

As a leader, what are you willing to be able to Respond to?