Venture Studio Argonomo Welcomes Thomas Coke as CMO and Opens An Office In Grand Rapids*

Argonomo (, a venture studio from Metro Detroit, is excited to announce an expansion into West Michigan and that Thomas Coke, a Grand Rapids entrepreneur, and lawyer, is joining their team as Chief Marketing Officer. This expansion is occurring within conjunction with the launch of the Great Lakes Angel Fund, a startup capital fund run by the founders of Argonomo, including Doron York, the Founder, and Chief Operating Officer.

“While Metro Detroit will continue to be a great market for us, Argonomo sees tremendous opportunity to work in other areas of the state, including West Michigan and Northern Michigan,” says York.

The concept of a ‘venture studio’ is a full-service agency, including help with application development, design, branding, light legal, sales, and marketing support and in the case of startups funding. Clients can range from established companies looking to expand their digital presence to early-stage startups that are just being built. While not a new concept venture studios are few and far between in Michigan.

Coke, an entrepreneur and securities attorney, has been part of several successful startups and worked with established companies. His areas of expertise include law, sales, and marketing. Although deeply rooted in Michigan Coke has had startup clients ranging from cannabis companies in Oregon to cryptocurrencies in New York, as well as traditional companies.

His background includes a number of years working to build marketing and sales strategies within companies, as well as assisting in fundraising.

“I’m excited to join Argonomo, especially as it further bridges the gap between Detroit and the rest of Michigan,” says Coke. “The concept of a Venture Studio is also one that makes a great deal of sense to me.”

“Having Thomas on board will be a huge asset to Argonomo, and we could not be more excited to begin work in other parts of the state,” explains York. “Already we are seeing interest from groups in Kalamazoo, Traverse City and other parts of the state, and Grand Rapids is a very underrated market.”

Based in Oakland County, Argonomo is comprised of a team of experienced developers and seasoned business executives. They have combined decades of experience and a track record of success. Examples of current early-stage projects include SafeWhistle ( an app for companies to enable whistleblowers and SidePitch ( an app for angel groups to track and manage investments. An example of a more established client is Amtech (, a 25-year-old, minority-owned circuitry company from Troy.

One of the new initiatives Coke will be working on is RE:START Michigan. This program is meant for established companies that need to update and refresh their brand and strategy as the Michigan economy continues to evolve and grow. This will include a series of events highlighting success stories over the next few months. If you are interested in learning more please reach out to Thomas at