Using their broad understanding for the latest UI techniques and innovative back-end technologies, a mobile engineer will rapidly build amazing mobile applications.

Argonomo is focused on taking our clients ideas and bringing them to life. Our mobile engineers help marry our designers' excellent user experiences with our industry experts in cutting edge technologies. We encourage all of our engineers to have a passion for learning and getting their hands dirty.

Things You Will Do:

  • Work with product teams to build new companies' ideas
  • Help expand features and debug production issues from our existing portfolio
  • Become a part of our engineering powerhouse
  • Collaborate with other engineers on some of our internal incubator ideas

Skills and / or Competencies Desired:

  • Swift
  • React Native
  • Objective-C
  • iOS SDK
  • Preferred - JAVA, Kotlin

Who We Want You To Be:

  • Lightly-seasoned (1-3 years of experience). No one is ever an expert, especially in an ever-changing landscape of technology.
  • Curious above all else. Our goal is to apply technology in places it has never been before. If that excites you, good.
  • Quality over subjectivity. You should strive to make the best code, not pick the best framework.
  • Opinionated without being stubborn. We encourage debates, discussions, critiques but ultimately strive for the best product.
  • Teach as much as you learn. Everyone can become a mentor to someone else. Even if that someone else is above you.

What it will be like working here:

Argonomo is focused on being the business innovation pioneers and partners. Many companies are at great lengths of utilizing the latest and greatest technologies that are coming out every day. Some uses of these technologies has not been researched or applied. That’s where we come in. Our experts can dive into any business problem and identify a large selection of available tools for them to stay competitive. Argonomo allows business to stay focused on their customers, business, and market.

Argonomo also incubates ideas that create new industries or problems that most avoid to solve.

We here at Argonomo strive for the best of everyone. Our workflow and corporate culture is set up so that every employee is a familiar face. We also want our employees to share their greatness with the rest of the community. With yearly conferences, our mission is for everyone to be a beacon of knowledge and decentralize innovation.

Oh, and we sometimes have competitive games of ping pong. 🏓

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