Britta Rodenbeck

I am a front-end developer because I wanted to work every day in a capacity that allowed me to solve problems by using my creativity. I am passionate about building engaging, thoughtful, clean, and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces with an emphasis on practical user experience while creatively solving problems.

About Britta / Lead Front-End Developer

Hi, my name is Britta Rodenbeck. I graduated from college in 2014 with a major in psychological sciences, and (naturally) began making websites. I have worn many hats throughout my professional technical career, from full-stack developer to SEO consultant to content writer, social media strategist, and more. But by far, my favorite hat has been front-end developer, which is kind of like one of those hats with a beer on either side and a straw that hangs right at your chin. It’s the fun hat, the unpredictable hat.

I love being able to make products that are beautiful, intuitive, and engaging for users. Although I am passionate about the front end of product design and development, I am constantly hungry to learn new technologies and ways of thinking. I am currently spending my free time learning Node and Sketch, when I’m not out hiking, camping, kayaking, traveling, and taking photographs.

I have vowed to take one international trip and one US-based trip every year, to visit all of the National Parks, and to go to all seven continents before I turn 35. I have made a resolution to learn to bake this year, which has only resulted in sugar-less sugar cookies, blueberry-less blueberry muffins, and one semi-passable batch of cinnamon rolls. I identify strongly with April Ludgate, though I'm married to a Ben Wyatt who thinks he's a Tom Haverford. End of speech.


  • JavaScript, ES6
  • Vue.js, Vuex
  • React, Redux
  • CSS, Sass, Stylus
  • User Interface development
  • Responsive and mobile design
  • CSS/SVG animations
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Experience Highlights

  • Northern Illinois University 2014: psychological sciences, summa cum laude
  • Published research: Self-Generated Utility Among a Diverse Sample of Adolescent Students: An Analysis of Grade Level and Gender
  • Grand Circus Detroit 2016: Front End Web Development bootcamp
  • Teaching Assistant at Grand Circus Detroit
  • Full Stack Engineer at Career Now Brands
  • Lead UI Engineer at Career Now Brands

My life in a nutshell