Darius Norwood

I have the passion to motivate and lead others by empowering my audience within every encounter. The only way to predict the future is to create it.

About Darius / Senior Business Developer

Darius Norwood is Chicago’s Senior Business Developer who operates as the “entrepreneur's entrepreneur.” Norwood contributes an outside perspective for companies, brands, and individuals wanting to elevate their current business results by providing an open-minded approach that comes from broad based research and keen decision making.

Before founding the nationally recognized Coca Cola sponsored Music Festival, ChirpFest; Norwood gained his business intellect while directing public relations for the Midwest Fashion Week, building the sales and marketing department for Secure Life Networks, and managing more than 10 million dollars of retail for Stanley Black & Decker.

Having graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing, Norwood’s creative problem solving and attainable risk-taking attitude translates into highly individualized campaigns for all of his clients. Norwood enjoys acting as the conduit between artistry and professionalism during his free time as a music manager, photographer, and creative director for multiple brands. - “Understand the rules like a pro, to break them as an artist.”


  • Branding & Marketing Strategy (Storytelling)
  • Brand Identity & Art Directing
  • Social Media
  • Business Development
  • Event Planning
  • Sponsorship and Partnership
  • Coaching and Management
  • Project Management

Experience Highlights

  • Sales & Marketing - Stanley Black & Decker
  • Public Relations Director - Midwest Fashion Week
  • Founder of ChirpFest Music Festival