David Shvimer

About David / Lead Mobile Developer

Some of my earliest memories include soldering loose wires to PCB boards next to my father while he was working at home. At age 13 he sat me down with a book on programming and told me to work through it. What happened next? I lost interest after a couple hours. However, that exposure stuck with me. It eventually lead me to realize that technology was a sandbox that I wanted to build castles in.

Most of my work experience has been building products in the startup ecosystem. I was trained to go from version 0 to version 1 with a lean mentality. I’ve also been fortunate enough to work alongside my father, building software for automotive engineers. I’ve realized that the harder the problem, the better it feels to solve it.

Moving mountains is exciting, but my favorite piece of wisdom regarding work, is that the best part of a long weekend, is a short work week. I love what everyone loves — music, food, and being around good people. If I was stranded on an island and I could bring any one thing, It would be a grill. And when I see the rescue boat coming for me I’d greet them with double finger guns and ask if anybody wants burgers before we leave.


  • iOS, Android, IoT development
  • Javascript, Swift, Java, Ruby
  • Angular, React, Ruby on Rails, Node.js
  • UX best practices
  • Modern databases and search engines

Experience Highlights

  • Computer Engineering at Florida Atlantic University 2019
  • General Assembly Web Dev boot camp 2015
  • Full Stack developer at Trim Agency
  • Junior developer at Smart Engineering Tools