Jeff Thompson

I am passionate about creating an environment where the team has the individualized experience of being heard, knowing that they make a difference.

About Jeff / Project Manager

My true passion is teams and communication—that people experience being heard and understand the difference that they make in their team, their communities, and the world. I have committed 25 years of my life to training and developing myself and others around teams and communication, especially listening. When the individual wins, the team wins.


  • Project management
  • Communication / listening
  • Teams
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Leadership
  • Personal coaching
  • Software development
  • Real-time programming
  • IT consulting

Experience Highlights

  • SimuCar: developed the first real-time hardware-in-the-loop vehicle simulator for GM, using highly parallel systems, allowing vehicle engineers to save hundreds of thousands of hours when programming cars.
  • Systematic engine calibration: created a project in GM over 20 years ago that is still in use today; allowed GM to program cars in under 2 man-months rather than 20 man-years; save GM on average $5M per car line in EPA fines
  • IT Consultant for Education Sector
  • Graduated 1985 University of Washington, Seattle with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering