Kevin Yang

Passion to create, to build, to take risks, to dream, and to do. Meeting and networking with people is what I love to do, and my greatest passion is to take what people dream and ignite it to become reality. I believe that one person can start a movement, but it takes a team to change the world. With that in mind, everything I do is with a positive attitude and grand vision to build something that can have a powerful and positive impact in the world today.

About Kevin / Co-Founder & CEO

From a research background in medical labs to building businesses in the field, I have always been a self-starter with a world vision. With a passion for learning and a drive to make change, I took on the challenge of an entrepreneurial journey in everything I did.

Always involved in becoming a resource, I participated in leadership roles for many organizations. From learning programming in university courses and day-to-day research in a lab to participating in speakings at national events and participating as a judge or mentor in hackathons, I have grasped experiences from everything I could.

After graduating University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and fast-forward to today, I have been focusing on serial entrepreneurship in Michigan to impact today's startup and venture scene. Starting from my hometown in Metro Detroit, I found success in one of my first ventures, Argonomo — a venture studio.

As a full-time entrepreneur building Argonomo and as partner in the venture group, City Side Ventures, I have co-founded several startups as part of the portfolio of companies including up-and-coming companies such as Sidepitch, SafeWhistle, and Ensureum. I am well involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Michigan and participate in many organizations and events as a member, mentor, investor, judge, and speaker. Not only Michigan, but I have helped judge competitions and pitch events for international startups as well as venture firms in the west coast. I am instrumental in helping emerging early-stage startup companies connect with the right resources and provide active advice for ambitious entrepreneurs.

With the passion for networking and having the ability to meet with both startup founders and investors, my goal is to unite investors locally and globally to fund, launch, and scale industry changing technologies and companies together.


  • Networking
  • Building relationships
  • Being a resource
  • Finding resources
  • Doing research
  • Creating solutions
  • Visionary
  • Business intelligence
  • Idea tank

Experience Highlights

  • Science & Medical research
  • Computational biology
  • Leadership in organizations
  • Young and ambitious CEO
  • Passion-driver doer
  • Networking
  • Relationship builder
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investments