Leann Abad

Passionate about making impact and building community, I love creating content that makes people feel certain types of ways, whether it's a podcast, a video, or a blog post. I believe living one's purpose is doing work that helps others become better versions of themselves, and that there's a way to do that in a B2B setting!

About Leann / Director of Content

Growing up an immigrant, I'm fortunate to understand the value of hard work and where putting your head down and grinding can take you. My early memories of the US are filled with watching my mom wake up early to walk 40 minutes to work, do a 12-hour shift on the floor of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, and come home to immediately sleep and repeat that schedule the next day.

Despite having no ties to the business and entrepreneurial world, during my time at the University of Michigan I became obsessed with learning everything it took to become a founder. I listened to podcasts, I kept an idea journal, I read books, and I watched every video Gary Vaynerchuk put out.

But it wasn't until I got a real-world look at what being a founder was when I apprenticed under an early-stage founder in Silicon Valley that I felt ready to start my own company. Fast forward a few months, I had dropped out of the University of Michigan in pursuit of my first company, ASHE Media.

I started to grow my network and build relationships with other founders, investors, influencers, etc through my podcast, Michigan Makers, and after my interview with Doron (COO, Argonomo), we began to chat about working together on a special project.

That conversation turned into a joint venture between me, Argonomo, and Cityside Ventures called Argo Media, where we're creating the go-to news platform for all things tech.


  • Content Creation/Production/Strategy
  • Community Building
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media
  • Business Development

Experience Highlights

  • Started and Hosted Michigan Makers podcast, the go-to for Michigan entrepreneurship
  • LinkedIn Campus Editor (2017)
  • Freelance Videographer
  • Freelance Digital & Content Marketer
  • Helped plan events like Detroit Startup Week, LinkedIn Youth Leaders Summit, Intermitten Conference, etc