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  • Business Services
  • SaaS

What we did

  • Branding and Identity
  • SaaS Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • UI/UX Design

Argonize was started as an internal project for Argonomo to help streamline the working process between clients and the team. With a major necessity and no real solution in the marketplace, Argonomo took the project into their own hands to create a tool for managing projects on a sprint to sprint level.

About Argonize

Argonize is an internal project management tool for managing projects with close ties to the business process and the development on sprint cycles.


Branding and Identity

The complete branding of Argonize was designed and established on a rapid note to help represent the simplicity of the application for launch.


Website Design and Development, UI/UX Design

A landing page was designed and developed for the MVP of Argonize. Argonomo also worked on the user interface and experience of the platform for a rapid delivery of the platform to use right away with clients.


SaaS Application Development

The application was developed very quickly and went from testing to live use with clients in a matter of a couple months. It is a great example of a rapid prototype from concept to build to use.