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  • Business Strategy
  • Branding and Identity
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  • Website Design and Development
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SafeWhistle is a project that Argonomo partnered with to build a platform that was needed in today’s marketplace. With the necessity of a reporting management system and ‘whistleblowing’ platform, Argonomo took the approach to taking the concept into a market-ready platform in a matter of months.

About SafeWhistle

SafeWhistle is an encrypted and anonymous whistleblowing solution, designed to address various industry standards and positioned to become a standard to reporting management. SafeWhistle offers an innovative and highly secure two-way communication platform to collect, investigate, and manage all employee reports giving companies worldwide the unique ability to facilitate a cultural shift from Damage Control to Damage Prevention.


Branding and Identity

The Argonomo team worked to create SafeWhistle’s brand positioning, overall brand strategy, brand attributes, brand image, brand communication, and brand identity. From the logo to the full brand kit, Argonomo is positioning SafeWhistle to be the most trusted third party company in terms of whistleblowing reporting and case management.


Website Design and Development, UI/UX Design

To push an effective launch, Argonomo designed and built SafeWhistle’s website to appeal to the corporate market and provide as much information as possible in regards to the business, tech, and purpose of the company. Argonomo also built the entirely secure web platform, mobile application, and company from ground up.



To help onboard client companies as well as for marketing SafeWhislte, Argonomo’s design team worked with the business team to create infographics and marketing collaterals for the business.