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ArgoLab™ is one of Michigan premier technology innovation lab that allow companies in all sizes to research, collaborate, prototype and innovate software and hardware products, using an “Entrepreneurial Mind” approach for a fast and efficient process. Our team of technologies, market strategists and savvy business strategists provides a unique environment that is second to none.

The Brief

Tech Research and Business Intelligence is the most critical stage and the backbone of any successful project. Business Intelligence (BI) accompanied with extensive Tech Research (TR) provides crucial information in making effective strategic business decisions.

ArgoDrive™ - The Works

A process in which our team, together with yours, will take a deep dive into the heart of your project to establish the critical defining framework (CDF) for the emergence of your business. If done correctly, it will establish a critical “Go” or “No Go” benchmark for business leaders, Startup Founders regarding technology initiatives and/or launching projects.


Critical Defining Framework


Business Intelligence Mapping


Blue Ocean Strategy


Business Architecture Roadmap

Our Innovation Tracks


A process designed for software-centric project initiatives.


A process designed for hardware-centric project initiatives.


For projects focused on integrating technology in motion.


Designed for virtual & augmented reality technologies


Is designed for companies that are looking to deploy Blockchain technology as a platform for their project.


Is designed for companies that are looking to create connected IoT devices and software.

Behind the ArgoLab™

If you are serious about your business, ArgoLab™ is the way to go. It is fast, cost-effective and critical, we do not just innovate, we Argonomo it.

Our innovative process will deliver the following:
  1. The "Golden Circle" Workout
  2. The Blue Ocean Stratey
  3. Validate, Verify, and Establish the POC Framework
  4. Establish the "Swiss Cheese" Methodology
  5. Mapping your project's technology stack
  6. Establish the Roadmap to a MVP
  7. Create the Go-No Go KPI's
  8. Establish the Overarching Framework for the Business Mapping
  9. Create the investor Preform
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