In today's data-centric business world, it is critical for business leaders to develop a data intelligence mindset. When analyzing raw data and applying intelligence to it, it becomes valuable and actionable information that impacts the growth and direction of your business.

The Works

  • Data Collection & Capture Mechanism
  • DI Algorithm Design
  • Data Metrics Refinishing
  • Visualization Dashboards Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Data to Action Methodology

Use Cases

  • Market Data Mining
  • Product R&D
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Technology Progression
  • Systems Integration
  • Improvement & Quality Assurance

The Mindset

Running a business without credible data visibility and analysis is like navigating the open seas without a compass. Companies that leverage real-time data and predictive reporting can see more clearly where they are going, unearth hidden opportunities, navigate the market conditions, and identify possible risks. Data Intelligence (DI) is a critical management competency in today’s complex information business world.

The Brief

Creating real-time data dashboards that give you insight into the progress towards your business' goals are essential. The hidden data in your company requires an extensive knowledge of logistics and objectives to bring them into actionable visibility. Bringing an extensive and wide range of business metrics and thinking frameworks dramatically increases your organization’s Data Intelligence Quotient (DIQ).

Argonomo brings together classical business acumen with technology experts to identify the highest value of obvious and hidden data sources for sustainable in-depth analysis. Our data mining experts will bring these often-hidden sources to light with custom collection devices and translation layers of data into valuable information. Finally, we create dashboards and analytics useful for many sections and roles in your business, so everyone can adapt quickly and effectively.

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