Argonomo is a different kind of venture group. Yes, we work for equity.
We are more than just a traditional venture firm.
We look deeper, wider and bigger.

The Offering

Our group is being managed by a unique and distinct group of successful and experienced business leaders and a team of industry-leading tech talent. We have established ourselves as a game-changer in the traditional startup experience.

The Commitment

We are committed to redefining the startup experience in the state of Michigan simply by keeping the balance between innovation, impact, and outstanding business performance. We are a group of seasoned entrepreneurs who knows what it takes to map, build, and launch a successful business. And we do it the Argonomo way.

Why Argonomo Ventures?

With the right driver(s), with the right car, and in the right race, we will join the ride. We will become an integral part of your team with all our capabilities and resources, hands on all the way to the finish line.

Driven Management Team

Multi-discipline, full-stack, startup management team that is ready to take your product to market.

Full stack Development Team

Team of "Rockstar" technologists, capable of developing anything and everying that your product requires.

Creative Marketing team

Second-to-none brand strategists with many years of experience in designing and scaling brands.

High Impact Mentoring

Seasoned business leaders providing progressive, high-impact coaching and mentoring.

Incubation and Acceleration

Providing an incubation & acceleration business track that produces a high-level of traction.

Exclusive Funding Platform

Access to our exclusive funding platform to accelerate your startup's funding process.

Capital Campaign Execution

Design, facilitate, and execute your fundraising campaign with velocity and power.

An Innovative Office Space

Access to an inpsiring and creative work environment for you and your team.

Our Venture Portfolio

The companies that we have the pleasure to be a part of.

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